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Valleylab Ligasure

Valleylab Ligasure Electro Surgical Unit (ESU)


Valleylab Ligasure Vessel Sealing-SINGLE ADAPTOR (Make Instruments Compatible)


Valleylab Ligasure Adaptor


Valleylab Ligasure Generator w/ Vessel Sealing + Footpedals - *Biomed Tested* #6


Valleylab Ligasure Vessel Sealing System ESU with Footpedal


VALLEYLAB Ligasure Vessel Sealing System


Valleylab LigaSure Vessel Sealing System w/ Monopolar and Bipolar Footswitch


Valleylab Ligasure Electro Surgical Unit (ESU) / NEW with NEW Foot switches


Valleylab Ligasure


Valleylab Ligasure Vessel Sealing- ADAPTORS (ANY 2) :USE ANY LAPARO GRASPERS


Valleylab Ligasure Precise (LS1200) Vessel sealing instrument (EXP 2012)


ValleyLab LigaSure Reusable Vessel Sealing Headpiece Set LS3110


Valleylab Surgical LigaSure LS0200 Vessel Sealing Instrument Set With Case


ValleyLab Surgical LigaSure LigaSure Max Vessel Sealing Instruments W/ Case


Valleylab Covidien Ligasure Electro Surgical Unit (ESU) with Foot Switch


Valleylab LigaSure LS2110 LS3110 LS3090 LS2070 reusable handpieces w/LS0200 Tray


Valleylab LigaSure 201 440 003 RF board (#2627)


Valleylab LS-0200 Ligasure Vessel Sealing System (QTY-4)


VALLEYLAB Ligasure XTD LS3110 Reusable Vessel Sealing Handpiece


ValleyLab Ligasure Reusable Vessel Sealing Handpiece Set,LS3090,LS2110,LS3110


ValleyLab LigaSure Two Pedal Footswitch


Valleylab Ligasure LS0200 Vessel Sealing System Set of 4 Forceps W/ Case


Valleylab Surgical Ligasure Vessel Sealing System LS3090 Max W/Case


Valleylab LigaSure 201 479 000 high voltage power supply board (#2622)




Valleylab Compatible ligasure footswitches


Valleylab ligasure both footswitches


Valleylab Covidien Ligasure Footswitch




Valleylab LS0200 Ligasure Vessel Sealing System


Valleylab LS0300 Ligasure Vessel Sealing Footswitch